Appendix A

Appendix A: List of individuals interviewed for the Supermarket Power Project


  1. Chief Legal Officer, MSC
  2. Head of Trade Relations, MSC
  3. Legal Services And Compliance Advisor, MSC
  4. Group Counsel, Competition and Compliance, MSC
  5. Senior Competition and Consumer Lawyer, MSC
  6. Head of Risk and Regulatory Compliance, MSC
  7. Director, Customer Transformation, MSC
  8. General Manager, Property Manager and Leasing, MSC
  9. Director of Property, MSC
  10. Assistant to Director of Property, MSC
  11. Senior Legal and Regulatory Advisor, MSC
  12. General Manager, Legal, MSC
  13. Head of Buying, MSC
  14. Buyer Category Manager, MSC
  15. Former General Manager Corporate Affairs, MSC
  16. Former Chair, MSC
  17. Managing Director, MSC
  18. General Merchandise Manager, MSC
  19. Assistant General Merchandise Manager, MSC
  20. Consultant to MSC
  21. Strategic advisor to MSC
  22. Chief Executive Officer, independent supermarket
  23. Former Legal Counsel, independent supermarket
  24. Managing Director, independent supermarket
  25. Chief Executive Officer, grocery industry organisation


  1. Former Small Business Minister
  2. Deputy Chair, ACCC
  3. Commissioner, ACCC
  4. Commissioner, ACCC
  5. Commissioner, ACCC
  6. Former Chair, ACCC
  7. Former Commissioner, ACCC
  8. Former Commissioner, ACCC
  9. Director, Merger & Authorisation Review, ACCC
  10. Assistant Director, Mergers and Acquisitions Group, ACCC
  11. Former lawyer, ACCC
  12. Manager, Competition Policy Unit, Commonwealth Treasury
  13. General Manager, Commonwealth Treasury
  14. Manager, Markets and Regulation Unit, Infrastructure, Competition and Consumer Division, Treasury
  15. Team Leader, Strategy, Environment and Planning Directorate, ACT
  16. Former Produce and Grocery Ombudsman

Primary Producers

  1. Chief Executive Officer, national farmers organisation
  2. Chief Executive Officer, state farmers organisation
  3. Interim CEO, primary producers organisation
  4. Senior Policy Manager, primary producers organisation
  5. Major fresh produce supplier to a MSC
  6. Mango grower
  7. Cattle farmer


  1. Chief Executive Officer, grocery supplier organisation
  2. Chief Executive Officer, small business advocacy organisation
  3. Director, Legal and Regulatory, grocery supplier organisation
  4. Chief Executive Officer /Managing Director, manufacturing supplier
  5. Former Managing Director, consumer goods manufacturer
  6. General Manager, consumer goods supplier
  7. Sales Director, consumer goods supplier
  8. Director, consultancy advising suppliers

Consumer groups and advisors

  1. Consultant, social science and consumer behaviour
  2. Representative, residents action group
  3. Investigative Journalist and Content Producer (Food), leading consumer advocacy group

UK-based interviewees

  1. Grocery Code Adjudicator
  2. Lawyer at leading law firm that advises suppliers
  3. Former Head of Office of Fair Trading; Principal, leading economics consultancy
  4. Director, leading economics consultancy
  5. Director General, leading UK farmers association
  6. Director, leading UK supplier association
  7. Director General, fair trade supplier organisation
  8. Policy Officer, fair trade supplier organisation


  1. Principal, economic and planning advisory service
  2. Senior Consultant, economic and planning advisory service
  3. Senior Business Columnist
  4. Retail Reporter
  5. Union Representative

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