2017 Monthly Seminars

2 May 2017

Associate Professor Marie Bismark (MSPGH): ‘Identifying Doctors and Lawyers at High Risk of Complaints’

Paula O'Brien (MLS): ‘Marginalising Health Information: Implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement for Alcohol Labelling’

6 June 2017

Penny Gleeson (MLS): ‘A Compass in Search of Morals: The Legitimacy of Therapeutic Goods Regulation in Australia’

Professor Ron Paterson (MLS): Medical Chaperones

4 July 2017

Professor Jean McHale (Birmingham Law School): ‘Cosmetic Procedures, Children and Young People - A Case for Legal Regulation or Prohibition?’

1 August 2017

Professor Ian Freckelton QC (MLS): ‘Patients with Passports’

Dr Deborah Lawson (McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer): ‘Should Medical Input be Required in Completion of Advance Care Directives?’

5 September 2017

Laura Thomas (MSPGH), ‘Vexatious, Misconceived and Avoidable Reports by Peers to Medical Regulators’

Sondra Davoren (McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer), ‘Proposed Voluntary Assisted Dying Framework for Victoria’

3 October 2017

Dr Piers Gooding (Melbourne Social Equity Institute and Melbourne Law School): ‘Does the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Require the Abolition of Forced Psychiatric Treatment?’

Ms Eleanore Fritze (Civil Justice Program, Victoria Legal Aid):
‘Addressing the Informal Detention of People with Disabilities: A Proposed Framework for Regulating Deprivations of Liberty’

23 November 2017 Professor Jane Kaye and Dr Jessica Bell (HeLEX@MLS/Oxford): ‘Governing Emerging Health Technologies in a Changing World’
12 December 2017 Professor Julian Savulescu (MLS/ Oxford): ‘No Right to Conscientious Objection in Medicine’