2018 Monthly Seminars

6 February 2018

Dr Anna Arstein-Kerslake (MLS): ‘ Denying Consent: Barriers by People with Cognitive Disabilities in Giving Consent to Medical Treatment’

Dr Yvette Maker (MLS, Melbourne Social Equity Institute): ‘Regulating the Use of Restraint in Mental Health and Disability services: Momentum for Change and Options for Reform’

6 March 2018

Dr Ros McDougall (MSPGH): ‘Fertility Preservation in Paediatrics: New Ethical Questions’

Dr Michelle Taylor-Sands (MLS): 'Non-medical Sex Selection: Is it a Slippery Slope'

10 April 2018

Dr Jessica Bell (HeLEX, MLS): ‘Governance and Accountability of Charitable Corporation the Case of UK Biobank Ltd’

Associate Professor Megan Munsie (Stem Cells Australia): 'The Un[der]regulated Australian Stem Cell Industry: Finally Some Action'

5 June 2018

Dr Carolyn Johnston (HeLEX, MLS): ‘Legal Duties to Respond to Data from Wearable Devices’

James Cameron (DHHS, MLS): ‘A Child's Best Interests: Judicial Approaches to Assessing whether a Child Should be Allowed to Die’

7 August 2018

Dr Lauren Notini (MLS): ‘Male Circumcision Before an Age of Consent: Ban or Harm Reduction?’

Dr Julian Koplin (MLS): ‘Speciesim, Moral Status, and the Cutting Edge of Stem Cell Science’

4 September 2018

Dr Bridget Pratt (MSPGH): ‘Sharing Power with Communities in Global Health Research Priority-setting’

Dr Cathy Vaughan (MSPGH): 'Participatory Approaches to Researching Violence against Women - Reflecting on the Ethically Pointy Bits'

2 October 2018

Dr Megan Prictor (MLS) and

Professor Mark Taylor (MLS): 'My Health Record: "Distorting the balance of trust"?'

6 December 2018Professor Jenny Morgan (MLS): 'Abortion Law Reform in Victoria: Why, How and Did it ‘Work’?'

Associate Professor Louise Keogh (MSPGH): 'Conscientious objection provisions in the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Act 2008: what happens in practice?'