Events funded by Melbourne-Cambridge Partnership

EOIs sought from MLS  PhD students and MLS ECRs to participate in a series of events funded by the Melbourne-Cambridge Partnership

12-16 December, Cambridge UK

EOIs due by 12 September, by email to 

From 12 – 16 December, a group of colleagues at the law faculties of Cambridge and Melbourne will host three related events in Cambridge. Monday and Tuesday will be dedicated to scholarly analysis of the Climate ‘Conference of the Parties’, Thursday and Friday will be dedicated to work in progress exploring questions about Corporations and International Law.  Wednesday will comprise a workshop on Modes of Supervision and Modes of Communication for PhD students and supervisors (and prospective supervisors).   Applications are sought from MLS PhDs and ECRs to be funded to participate in the week’s events. The type of participation at each event will be adapted for different participants, but you will attend the whole week.  Three or four travel grants are available which cover airfares (Mel-LHR), accommodation and breakfast for a week in

To apply, please send the following documents to by 12 September:

  1. a short CV of no more than 3 pages;
  2. an abstract of up to one page of your thesis or current research; and
  3. a short letter of no more than one page letter explaining your motivation for attending, addressing how your research connects to the themes of climate change and/or corporations and international law and your interest in joining a collaborative event on PhDs/research supervision.  If your work connects more to one theme than the other, explain how you would contribute to the more connected theme and why you would be interested in attending the workshop devoted to the theme less connected to your work.   You can also say something about whether you have had many or few opportunities for travel/collaboration so far.

In the EOI, let us know whether you may have access to any funding from unimelb/ MLS to complement the available funds (eg RSF, SDF). That would be most welcome as if people have additional funds to supplement the grant, we will be able to fund more people to attend.  Funding was awarded by an MLS/CLF Partnership grant. This is an internal funding scheme open only to MLS PhD’s (current or recently completed and not yet securely employed elsewhere), and ECR’s (including casual if you don’t have a job elsewhere). The senior scholars’ travel is largely not funded by this grant. If you have any questions, contact Sundhya Pahuja or Margaret Young.  (MLS colleagues who want to attend the workshops but who are not eligible to apply for these funds will be welcome to respond to the calls for papers.  They will be out soon.)

Melbourne Organisers: Margaret Young, Sundhya Pahuja, Jackie Peel, Shaun McVeigh, Boyd van Dijk
Cambridge Organisers: Surabhi Ranganathan, Marcus Gehring and Eyal Benvenisti