2015 Volume 20 Issue 1


Privacy and democracy in the digital age
Steven I Friedland

‘Tweeting from court’: New guidelines for modern media
Anne Wallace and Jane Johnston

The scope and content of a ‘publication’ on the internet for the purposes of defamation law
Dinika Roopani

Moral rights in the ballpark: Banksy and the right of integrity of authorship
Jennifer Kwong

Risks and opportunities in big data — how well adapted are Australia’s privacy laws?
Jarrod Bayliss-McCulloch

Case Notes

Trade marks, globalisation and foreign language: Cantarella Bros Pty Ltd v Modena Trading Pty Ltd
Jenny Ng

Posting sexually explicit images on Facebook: The action for breach of confidence expands further into the privacy space
Susan Gatford

Book Review

A Copyright Masquerade: How Corporate Lobbying Threatens Online Freedoms
Monica Horten