New Reporting and Investigation of Medical Accidents in Japan


New Reporting and Investigation of Medical Accidents in Japan

Room 920, Level 9
Melbourne Law School


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New reporting and investigation of medical accidents was introduced in 2014, the aim being to identify the underlying causes of the accident and to learn from death, in order to minimise the risk of it happening again and improve patient safety. Investigations are mainly conducted within individual health organisations. The executive director of each health organisation should report incidents to the Medical Accident Investigation and Support Center if deaths of patients who die under management and care, and deaths are unpredictable.

Few medical accidents are currently reported by medical organisations. The culture of blame may be a major barrier to the openness and honesty required for incidents to be reported. 

This seminar will discuss the statistics of medical reporting, as well as the differences between the new reporting, investigation and civil litigation.


  • Professor Manabu Wagatsuma
    Professor Manabu Wagatsuma, Professor of Law