Let’s get smart about fake Indigenous art


Let’s get smart about fake Indigenous art

This seminar is part of a series generously supported by IP Australia

The sale of fake Indigenous art is a continuing problem for Indigenous artists and consumers. Fake Indigenous Art is harmful as it misappropriates Indigenous culture and takes away opportunities from Indigenous Artists, denying them and their community benefits from their work. Consumers are also disadvantaged as they are misled into buying inauthentic and de-valued items. Terri will examine a number of appropriation examples to examine the gaps in the law. To combat fake Indigenous arts, Terri advocates for using protocols, trade marks and a National Indigenous Cultural Authority and new laws to enable Indigenous Artists to stop theft of culture.

Colin has had extensive experience in the area of infringement of copyright in Indigenous art and was also senior counsel in the seminal art forgery case of Blackman and Dickerson v Gant [2010] VSC 229. He will speak about his experience in the protection of Indigenous arts from unauthorised reproduction and measures available to artists to prevent the sale of fake paintings.


  • Mr Colin Golvan
    Mr Colin Golvan, Victorian Bar
  • Ms Terri Janke
    Ms Terri Janke, Director