The Business of Crown Copyright


The Business of Crown Copyright

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At the end of March this year, the Supreme Court of Canada will hear the appeal in 'Keatley Surveying Ltd. v. Teranet Inc.', a case where the issue of Crown copyright is at the core of the relationship between land surveyors and a privately owned corporation that manages plans of survey registered by land surveyors according to the electronic land registry system of the province of Ontario. The corporation provides on-line access to the plans for a fee, but does not share any of its income with the surveyors because it claims that the publication of the plans triggers the application of the rule that gives copyright ownership in the plans of survey to the Crown. This talk will go over the arguments that will be made in this case and question the issue of the exercise of Crown copyright in Canada. It will serve as the starting point for an examination of the contemporary evolution of Crown copyright in both Canada and Australia, both of which inherited this concept from British law.


  • Professor Ysolde Gendreau
    Professor Ysolde Gendreau, Associate Dean, External Affairs and Communications, Faculty of Law