PhD Confirmation Seminar by Deirdre Brennan


PhD Confirmation Seminar by Deirdre Brennan

Level 9, Room 920
Melbourne Law School
185 Pelham Street, Carlton


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T: 9035 3017

Under the supervision of Professors Michelle Foster, Susan Kneebone and Dr Ana Dragojlovic, Deidre will present her thesis titled, 'Campaigning for citizenship in Nepal (2006 – 2019): Assessing how activism impacts upon law reform and the public perception of the stateless'.


The child of a Nepalese father automatically acquires nationality, while the child of a Nepalese mother must apply for nationality by naturalisation. This procedure is reported to be largely ineffective, with applications pending for years at a time without response, resulting in a growing population of stateless persons. Deirdre’s research project will document the citizenship-rights activist movement in Nepal which, for more than a decade, has been taking to the streets to contest such gender discriminatory nationality laws. In applying a feminist framework to this research, Deirdre aims to conceptualise patriarchy as a root cause of statelessness and feminist activism as one of its solutions.


  • Ms Deirdre Brennan
    Ms Deirdre Brennan, PhD Candidate