City of Protest: In Conversation with Antony Dapiran

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City of Protest: In Conversation with Antony Dapiran

Lecture Theatre 102
Law 102
1st Floor, 185 Pelham Street


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Hong Kong is a city with a long history of civil disobedience. In City of Protest: A Recent History of Dissent in Hong Kong (Penguin, 2017), author Antony Dapiran explores the historical and social stimuli and implications of protest movements in Hong Kong from the turbulent 1960s until the most recent wave of protests, culminating in the “Umbrella Revolution” of 2014. In the aftermath, Beijing and the Hong Kong government have signalled a crackdown on dissent in the city, with leaders including figurehead Joshua Wong jailed for their roles in the protests and pro-democracy legislators removed from office. On the occasion of launching his book in Australia, Antony will look at the political and institutional factors driving political protest in Hong Kong, and explore how these grassroots movements are the expression of a unique Hong Kong identity — one that distinguishes it from the Mainland under the “One Country, Two Systems” formula. As this identity comes into conflict with Beijing’s desire to increase its control of the city, what will the future hold for Hong Kong in the tightening embrace of China?

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  • Mr Antony Dapiran