Recommend a Purchase


The Law Library aims to hold a copy of all prescribed texts for subjects taught at the Melbourne Law School. Extra copies may be purchased dependent upon the number of students enrolled in a subject. You may recommend for purchase other textbooks that support teaching and research at the Melbourne Law School.

Electronic Items

The library may purchase relevant electronic journals, eBooks and database subscriptions, depending on cost and current budget. In some cases, it may be preferable to purchase the electronic version of an item over its hardcopy form.

To request a new book, journal, database or other information resource, please complete this purchase request form (UoM login required) and we will be in touch.

Research Support & Strategic Initiatives Fund

The fund will be used to purchase materials to enhance the capacity of the library collection to support research and graduate activities. It will also be used to support strategic acquisitions identified by the University Librarian and the Director, Collections. Items for purchase from the fund normally need to be in excess of $15 000 and any format will be considered. Submissions will be accepted throughout the year.

If you need further information concerning this fund, contact Carole Hinchcliff, Law School Librarian.