Sir Kenneth Bailey Memorial Lecture

The Sir Kenneth Bailey Memorial Lecture was inaugurated in 1999, at the Commemoration of the Centenary of the 1899 Hague Peace Conference. The lecture, focusing on Australia in the international legal order, honours the Fourth Dean of the Melbourne Law School, Kenneth Hamilton Bailey, who played a significant part in Australia's contribution to the formation of the United Nations.

The Melbourne Journal of International Law has co-hosted the lecture with the Melbourne Law School since 2016.

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2020 Annual Lecture

Professor Gerry Simpson — The atomics

How might international law respond to the prospect of nuclear annihilation? With abolitionist fervour? Technocracy? Legalism? Insouciance? In this lecture, Professor Gerry Simpson delivers a report on international legal nuclearism.

The lecture was presented at the Melbourne Law School on 11 March 2020.

Professor Gerry Simpson is the Chair in Public International Law at the London School of Economics. He previously held the position of Kenneth Bailey Chair of Law at Melbourne Law School and is an honorary board member of the Melbourne Journal of International Law. Professor Simpson is a world-leading expert in the area of international law and continues to provide great contribution to academic research in the field.