Australian Journal of Asian Law (Volume 15 Number 2)

We are pleased to advise that the latest issue (volume 15 number 2) of the Australian Journal of Asian Law is now available on-line.

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Containing the following articles:Australian Journal of Asian Law (Volume 15 Number 2)

  1. Genders and Genetics: The Extradition of People Smugglers from Indonesia to Australia: Political and Legal Challenges – Antje Missbach
  2. China's Death Penalty Practice Undermines the Integrity of the Death Penalty as a Sentencing Option – Chenjie Ma
  3. A Human Right to Water: Challenges and Opportunities for Ensuring this Right in Bangladesh –Mohammad Sohidul Islam
  4. Horizontal Accountability in a Polarised New Democracy: The Case of Post-Democratisation Taiwan – Weitseng Chen and Jimmy Chiashin Hsu
  5. Succession to Muslim Estates in Singapore: Sources of Law and Choice of Law – MB Hooker
  6. Book Review: Rule of Law Dynamics – Samantha Hinderling and Pip Nicholson
  7. Book Review: The Constitution of China – Sarah Biddulph
  8. Book Review: A Selective Approach to Establishing a Human Rights Mechanism in Southeast Asia – Alice de Jonge

The articles can be accessed through SSRN.