Student aims to bring law and technology together in legal podcast

Juris Doctor student, Mark Johnson, aspires to combine his legal studies and his technological expertise by creating a legal podcast.

Mark Johnson

A long-time fan of podcasts such as Revolution, Hardcore History and Idol Thumbs, he realised a legal podcast was the perfect way to combine his legal studies with his five years experience in the publications industry.

"It struck me as the perfect way to supplement my studies. It's something I enjoy, obviously, but also something which might help myself and others."

The podcast is intended to help young lawyers learn the industry-specific terminology required the variety of areas they go on to work in after graduating from law school.

As a volunteer at a community legal centre for young people, Youth Law, he has seen first hand how legal problems can span any number of industries.

"There is a steep learning curve when it comes time to apply your law degree in the real world. For example, a lawyer working in employment law will need to learn a stack of medical jargon. They'll need to be able to distinguish their C6 vertebra from their C5," he says.

Mark hopes the podcast will give young lawyers a head start on the jargon by showcasing the industries (and their respective vocabularies) in which lawyers often find themselves.

A recent recipient of the Valerie and Lawrence Kennedy Scholarship, Mark says this financial aid allows him to keep juggling a variety of interests and aspirations, such as the podcast, instead of being overwhelmed by the pressure of working several days a week."For a student who's been living on credit, this scholarship is an opportunity to have a life outside of the law school and work, such as volunteering at Youth Law," he reflects.