Melbourne Law Masters Mentors

A big thank you to the MLM mentors. As the year winds to a close, the MLM takes the opportunity to thank the many friends and supporters of the Melbourne Law School who have given their time to mentor international MLM students.

The mentor program is one of the many features of the MLM that is designed to ensure that international students maximise their time in Melbourne. Students who apply for a mentor are matched with someone in the legal profession, broadly conceived, who has similar interests and a professional life that is likely to be of interest to the student concerned. Typically, students meet with their mentors 3-4 times in the course of a year, although some meet more often. Mentors give international students a contact outside the Melbourne Law School and help them to experience how Australian law works in practice. Because most MLM students have professional experience in their own country the information exchange can often benefit both sides.

Many thanks to all involved. We hope that you will assist again in the future.