Prestigious construction law award for MLM teacher

Professor Philip Britton, a teacher in the Melbourne Law Masters, has been announced as the joint winner of the Society of Construction Law (SCL) Hudson prize for 2014. His winning essay is entitled 'Adjudication and the "residential occupier exception": time for a rethink?' and is expected to be presented in London and then published on the Society of Construction Law website later this year.

Since 2010, Professor Britton has taught (with Matthew Bell) the Melbourne Law Masters subjects 'Residential Construction Law' and 'Global Perspectives on Construction Law'. He is to be a Visiting Scholar at MLS in October 2015.

The SCL Hudson Prize is an annual competition which was established in the mid-1980s, named in honour of one of the pioneers of construction law, Alfred Hudson. This is the fifth time Professor Britton has won the prize, cementing his place as the most successful participant in the history of this prestigious competition.

Matthew Bell, as Co-Director of the MLS construction law program and himself a two-time runner-up in the prize, congratulated Philip on his marvellous achievement and predicted that it will inspire our students to continue to achieve at the highest levels of scholarship in this specialised areas of law.

Professor Britton formerly directed the Centre for Construction Law and Dispute Resolution at King's College London and remains a Visiting Professor at that Centre. He has taught at the Universities of Buckingham, Buckingham, Lille II and the National University of Singapore, as well as at MLS.

Further information on the construction law program can be found on the Melbourne Law School website.