Top of the class

Melbourne JD graduate Douglas Porteous has been awarded the Supreme Court Prize for having the highest grade average of his cohort, placing the young lawyer in esteemed company.

Douglas Porteous 
Douglas Porteous 

The award was one of three Douglas took home at the Melbourne Law School annual awards ceremony recently, linking him with previous recipients such as former Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies and one of Melbourne Law School's longest-serving Deans, Sir Zelman Cowen.

"It is a really great honour, especially to have received it in front of all of my family and friends," he said.

Douglas capped his evening by receiving the Dwight's Prize for Insolvency Law, which was jointly awarded, and the Raynes Dickson Memorial Exhibition for Cross Border Litigation.

Since graduating last year, Douglas has taken a graduate lawyer position with King and Wood Mallesons.

Four months into it, Douglas said, his passion for the law was a great motivator.

"It is great fun and I am learning a lot," he said.

"It is intellectually challenging and I am working among so many intelligent people."

Douglas' interest in studying law developed at a young age, with family friends who were lawyers influencing his decision to undertake political and legal studies in high school.

From there, studying law at tertiary level was a natural progression and Douglas' aspirations reflect that.

"I enjoy working at the firm. Looking ahead, the Bar is an option, and I would like to travel," he said.

By Andy Walsh