Melbourne Law School welcomes class of 2015

Melbourne Law School is delighted to welcome over 340 JD first-year students this week, as they begin their journey in the study of law.

The Law School has been abuzz as students get to know each other at Orientation and their first class in the subject Legal Method and Reasoning.

Associate Professor Alison Duxbury, Associate Dean (JD), welcomed the students at Orientation, and advised them "to get involved in classes and extracurricular activities and enjoy the experience of learning a new discipline."

The Melbourne University Law Students' Society (MULSS) offered advice to their new friends, with which included tips based on their own experiences as students. President of MULSS, Matthew Pierri, expressed the importance of a healthy study balance as well as keeping an open mind.

"Give yourself time to adapt to law school, and always make time for yourself and your friends. Your first year of studying law is an incredibly steep learning curve, so ask lots of questions, keep things in perspective and try to enjoy the experience. Keep an open mind and be generous with your knowledge. The best education is more than just academic," said Mr Pierri.

Class photos of the new JD students are available on the official Melbourne Law School Facebook page.By Jade Bonney