Themis Human Ethics Workbench

Themis Human Ethics Workbench. Clean Up Time!

In October 2020, access to Themis Human Ethics Workbench will be disabled and replaced with a new innovative Infonetica Ethics Review Manager (ERM) system.

Preparations are well underway, and we need your help now to ensure the smooth transition of your research applications to the new system in the coming months.

What we ask of you…

  • Continue using Themis Human Ethics Workbench to submit new human ethics research applications.
  • Progress draft applications up until 5 October, as draft applications will not move to the new system.
  • Before 5 October, save a copy of any historical/completed applications that you may like to refer to in the future, as these will not move to the new system.
  • To ensure that your projects and attachments are moved into the system please use a unique Project Title and attachment File Names, that are within the maximum 200 character range (including spaces) with no special text or characters.

In the coming months, you will receive communications providing further details and instructions to ensure your readiness for the new system.

If you have any questions or to provide feedback, please send an email to: