Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK)


Professor Matt Craven (SOAS, University of London)
Professor Sundhya Pahuja
Professor Gerry Simpson (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Project Title

International law and the Cold War

Project Summary

This project aims to generate and give voice to diverse perspectives on histories of the relationship between the Cold War and international law, and their legacies for law and policy. It aims both to address a significant gap in current understandings, and to strengthen modes of scholarly engagement that actively counteract the polarisation of political perspectives in the present moment. The network will undertake the first collaborative investigation of the constitutive relationship between the Cold War and contemporary international law, with a focus on the significance of this analysis for contemporary international policy and governance. Comprising scholars drawn from across diverse disciplinary, national, and cultural boundaries, the network will work together to reappraise the legacy of the Cold War for international law and policy in the contemporary moment.