Research Support Workshops

The Research Support Workshops are designed by the Associate Dean Research to offer opportunities for MLS academic staff and graduate researchers to develop their technical expertise, skills and knowledge on various topics essential to carrying out high quality research.

Thursday 4 August 2022- 1:00pm in Room 202/203 and online

Industry and Partnership Grants and Contracts: The Joys and Perils: A Conversation with our new Non-ARC (‘Category 2-4’) Grant Mentors
MLS has recently introduced two new grant mentors to assist colleagues with ‘Category 2-4 grants’, that is all those research grants and contracts from industry and public sector organisations including government and civil society agencies that are not part of the major Australian Competitive grants Schemes (ie not ARC or NHMRC grants). There are may opportunities for this kind of research funding in law. You are invited to a conversation in person (with catering) or online to discuss the unique joys and perils of industry and partnership grants and research contracts with the two new mentors, Professor John Howe and Emeritus Professor Bernadette McSherry. Dr Erin O’Donnell,  a Research Fellow with considerable experience in navigating these grants will join the conversation. The panel will be rounded out by Mr Marcus Feaver who supports Category 2-4 grant applications from the MLS office for research.

Please join us for a lively to share insights and experiences about the unique joys and perils of this kind of research funding, and to find out out how the mentors and research office can help support your research.

Monday 6 June 2022 - 1:00pm in Room 202/203 and online

Open Access Publishing in Law: Tips, Tricks and New Developments
Most of us want our published research to be as accessible as possible, and research funders are increasingly requiring that we make our funded research publications open access for the public benefit. But often it is hidden behind nasty paywalls, and open access requires the payment of exorbitant fees to publishers. Did you know that this year the University of Melbourne has agreements in place with a number of publishers, including Cambridge, Springer and Brill to give University of Melbourne academics open access publishing so that you don’t have to pay the fees yourself out of your own fund?

In this seminar Zachary Kendal, a librarian and Scholarly Communications Consultant at the University of Melbourne will gave an overview of the benefits of open access publication, the open access agreements with publishers that University of Melbourne has in place and how you can take advantage of them, and other ways in which the University supports open access to your research publications. Associate Professor Rebecca Nelson from Melbourne Law School gave an academic’s perspective on open access and her use of the new open access agreements.

Monday 1 October 2018 - 1:00pm in Room 920

Applying for Research Fellowships
Sarah Biddulph, grant mentor and Future Fellow, Tess Hardy, current DECRA recipient, and Adil Khan, current McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellow, offered advice on the application process and discussed challenges faced in preparing quality research fellowship proposals.

Monday 27 August 2018 - 1:00pm in Room 920

Using BarNet JADE for Australian case law research
Kirsty Wilson (Law Library) and Robin Gardner (MLS Academic Research Service) presented some JADE tips and tricks to demonstrate why JADE is their preferred open access database for Australian case law research.

Predatory Publishing
Researchers are increasingly being targeted by predatory publishers. Angela Hendley-Boys (MLS Office for Research) presented on how to avoid getting bitten in the shark tank of predatory journals.