By completing a Clinic subject, prospective lawyers (law students) are provided with the opportunity to gain practical learning and experience of the law, that goes beyond learning cases from a textbook. Stella Putri, JobWatch Clinic Placement

Impact stories from MLS Clinics


Real work, real outcomes, real careers

MLS Clinics subjects provide students with the opportunity to deepen and enhance their classroom learning, and to develop skills that are applicable across the wide range of career paths taken by Melbourne Law School graduates. However it’s not just about student learning – the work of the clinics also contributes in a real and tangible way to providing access to justice to disadvantaged and underserved clients and communities.

Some of the benefits of a clinical experience:

  • Hands-on skills and knowledge that enhance employability;
  • Understanding the law and legal processes in context;
  • The opportunity to learn from leaders in practice and develop professional contacts;
  • A deeper, real-world understanding of legal need in the community and the role of lawyers and the legal profession in meeting it;
  • Working with other professionals – understanding the importance of interdisciplinary perspectives and collaboration;
  • An opportunity to use your skills to contribute to the community