Concurrent Diploma option with the JD

The University offers concurrent Diplomas. Graduate students may apply to undertake the Diploma of Languages concurrently with their graduate course.

The concurrent Diploma may be undertaken alongside the JD once students have completed one year of study in the JD, subject to approval of your course plan by the Assistant Dean – Teaching & Learning. The concurrent Diploma consists of 100 credit points of studies and would add approximately one year of study to the normal three year JD degree, extending the time taken to four years. There is no cross-credit available for concurrent Diploma study with graduate coursework programs such as the JD.

Required subjects for the concurrent Diploma may vary depending on the student’s entry point and the relevant prescribed program. Students wishing to undertake concurrent Diploma studies must ascertain their entry point from the faculty offering the concurrent Diploma they wish to complete and obtain a list of subject requirements for the award of the concurrent Diploma.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they:

  • Undertake all required subjects for the award of the concurrent Diploma; and
  • Undertake required subjects for the Diploma in the appropriate order, having regard to prerequisites and study periods in which subjects are offered; and
  • Are able to complete assessment requirements for their Diploma subjects alongside the requirements for their JD subjects.

In order to complete the application process for concurrent enrolment in the Diploma and the JD, students must seek approval of their course plan from the MLS Assistant Dean – Teaching & Learning. Once the Assistant Dean – Teaching & Learning has approved the student’s course plan for concurrent study, the student can complete the application process for the concurrent Diploma.

The Assistant Dean – Teaching & Learning, Judith Marychurch, can be contacted at