Viewing Your Exams and/or Feedback for Law

Feedback on assessment performance

Responsibility for grading assessment lies with the examiners, who usually comprise the subject coordinator and other teachers in the subject concerned. Students have a right to be provided with feedback on their assessed work. The objective of feedback is to assist students to understand why they received a particular grade and mark, so as to be able to learn from the experience, in this and later subjects. The purpose of feedback is not to re-mark assessment. Feedback on assessment may be provided through a variety of mechanisms.

The University’s Assessment and Results Policy (MP1326) includes a section on Feedback (4.106).

JD Exam Feedback and Viewing your Exam Answer

Ordinarily, feedback should only take place when a student has completed the assessment task.

Special rules apply in relation to exam feedback during the period between the release of results of the main (general) exam, and before the special and supplementary exam period is complete. Generic feedback on the main (general) exam is not released to students (via LMS or otherwise) until after the special and supplementary exam period is concluded.

The following specific points should be noted in relation to the provision of feedback to students who have special or supplementary assessment:

  1. Students sitting supplementary assessment due to the ‘final subject rule’ or the ‘48% rule’ benefit greatly from feedback once their first attempt has been marked. Feedback on the first assessment task for these students may be available, where requested. Notably, the maximum final grade for such supplementary assessment is 50%; the full range of marks is not available following supplementary assessment under the ‘final subject rule’ or the ‘48% rule’.
  2. Students completing a similar assessment task for the second time as a result of special consideration will not receive feedback on their first attempt of the assessment task until the second piece of assessment has been completed. This includes both generic and individualised feedback, and is regardless of whether the student passed or failed the first attempt. For this reason, generic feedback is not released to students (via LMS or otherwise) until after the special and supplementary exam period is concluded.
  3. Students who were absent from the main (general) examination and have been granted a special examination through special consideration may approach their teacher for consultation on the subject until the date of the special examination. This includes a consideration of past exam papers but does not include consultation regarding the main (general) examination paper for the subject which the student did not sit because of their absence.

Students will receive an announcement via the LMS regarding the availability of exam feedback in subjects, and where and how to request or access it. Where possible, the ASO will provide feedback electronically, either via the LMS or direct to student email.

Requests to view your exam answer should be made to the Academic Support Office (ASO). Please see the LMS for further details on viewing your exam answer.