Subject Prerequisite Waiver

Melbourne Law School will consider approval of a subject prerequisite waiver on the following basis:

  • Likelihood of applicant's ability to successfully undertake and complete the proposed subject, based on academic performance, previous study and/or experience.
  • Applicant's ability to demonstrate genuine hardship or inconvenience if approval is not granted
  1. Apply for a JD Subject Prerequisite Waiver

    In order to request approval of a subject prerequisite waiver, students must first submit an application.

    Apply for a JD subject prerequisite waiver

  2. Submit an Enrolment Variation Form

    If approval is granted, students must then request for the waiver to be applied to their study plan by completing the Enrolment Variation form and attaching the written permission of the Assistant Dean, Teaching and Learning (email approval is accepted).

    Prerequisite waivers for Legal Research (LAWS50039)
    You must submit your Legal Research prerequisite waiver to the Law Academic Support Office before timely applications close. You do not need to submit an Enrolment Variation.

    Submit an Enrolment Variation form