Student Life and Societies

The University supports a number of student societies that provide services and activities which are both intellectually stimulating and socially rewarding.

Participation and involvement outside the classroom can broaden your overall education experience. The University has a unique and wide range of activities, societies and services that give our graduates a broader life education – critical to the modern workplace, and ensuring a student experience that is intellectually stimulating, and socially rewarding.

For the full range of central University student support services visit Student Services.

Student Societies

The Law School has several student groups who represent the interests of its students. They run social activities, career network, tutorials, mooting competitions and many other activities and programs to assist in your overall student experience. They are:

Law Journals

Clubs and Societies

Diversity and participation are key to the learning experience. The University has over 300 clubs and societies, where students can experience and participate in areas from sport, politics, the arts and even food.

The Melbourne University Student Union (MUSU) is an excellent reference for clubs and societies.

In addition to the clubs and societies, the student union provides comprehensive advice and support for students. These services range from academic counselling to providing meeting spaces, library and IT resources.