JD 2022 intake FAQs

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) was temporarily removed from the entry requirements for the 2021 and 2022 intakes. We advised you earlier this year that we were reviewing whether to reinstate the LSAT for the 2023 intake.

It has been decided that the LSAT will be permanently removed from the entry requirements for the JD. All applications for the 2023 intake and beyond will be based only on an applicant’s tertiary results (from both complete and incomplete degrees) and Graduate Access Melbourne (if eligible).

The removal of the LSAT has greatly increased the diversity and equity in entry for our program while retaining the strong academic standards we expect in our JD cohort. This is something that we believe is important to retain in our future intakes.

Applications for the 2022 intake are now closed. Applications for the 2023 intake will be assessed from April 2022. We encourage you to sign up to our Future Law newsletter to receive updates and reminders for this intake.


  • What are the entry requirements for the 2022 intake?

    Applicants will not be required to sit the LSAT. Your application will be based on all tertiary results (complete and incomplete degrees).

  • When should I apply?

    Applicants who are in their final year of their undergraduate degree should only apply once they have at least 2.5 years’ worth of results (or part time equivalent). This can include exchange studies.

    Applicants who have completed their undergraduate degree can apply at any time up until the application deadline.

    Intake admission dates

  • What if I’m currently doing further tertiary studies?

    You must provide information on all tertiary programs (both undergraduate and postgraduate) which you have attempted or completed, including studies currently being undertaken or incomplete degrees in your application.

  • What score do I need?

    The selection committee looks at a wide range of factors in assessing your previous tertiary results; for example, whether your marks are on an upward or downward trajectory and whether you have undertaken graduate studies. We are unable to advise the score required as this is determined once the application deadline has passed and all applications are ranked by our selection committee. Your application will be assessed against those that are applying for the same intake as you.

    Weighted Average Marks (WAMs) below 70 per cent (or equivalent) are not usually competitive unless explained through the Graduate Access Melbourne (GAM) program. Please note that if you are applying for GAM you need to choose one (or more) categories, write an impact statement and provide supporting documents to strengthen your application for GAM.

    Please note that if your previous qualifications are not from the University of Melbourne, we may adjust your final Weighted Average Mark (WAM) depending on the accreditation of your university/institution, subject grading/scales and pass marks. Please ensure that you include your university’s grading scale (usually on the back of your transcript) when uploading your transcript/s.

  • Why is the LSAT not being used for the 2022 intake?

    As the ongoing COVID-19 situation affects applicants’ living, working and studying arrangements differently and could impact on their ability to sit the LSAT equitably in all locations, we have decided not the use the LSAT for the 2022 intake.

  • What if I've already sat the LSAT?

    The assessment of applications will be based only on all tertiary results (complete and incomplete degrees).

  • If I’m offered a place for 2022, can I defer my place?

    As the entry requirements for general entry into the Melbourne JD are different for the 2022 intake from past years and it is not yet determined whether the LSAT will be used in future intakes, we will not be approving any deferral applications for the 2022 entry.

    Students who meet the entry requirements through the Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship Program and those with a fee place guarantee will be able to defer.

If you have any other questions please contact us.