MLS Awards Terms and Conditions

This page sets out important information for the recipients of Melbourne Law School (MLS) scholarships. Please read this page carefully.

It is the responsibility of scholarship recipients to ensure that they have read and understood the terms and conditions set out below prior to accepting the offer of a scholarship. Recipients must take care to ensure that they continue to meet the obligations of their scholarship throughout the term of the scholarship.

Should you have any questions or queries about the contents of this page, or your scholarship more generally, please contact the MLS Academic Support Office at

1. Scholarship Criteria

1.1 Commencing Scholarship

Commencing scholarships are awarded on the basis that the recipient will commence study in the MLS course in the intake specified in their letter of offer, and also that the recipient has met the selection criteria for the awarded scholarship (including any special conditions attributed to that scholarship) as per the MLS' scholarships web pages.

1.1.1 Deferring a Scholarship

Scholarship offers cannot be deferred. If a scholarship recipient elects to defer their offer to enrol in their MLS course, the recipient will forfeit the bursary or scholarship. Where eligibility for the scholarship is automatically considered upon admission to the MLS course, the recipient will be reconsidered in the intake leading to their commencing the course. In order to be reconsidered for application-based scholarships, students must re-apply for the scholarship.

1.2 Continuing Scholarship

Continuing scholarships are awarded on the basis that the recipient has already commenced study in their MLS course and has met the selection criteria for the awarded scholarship (including any special conditions attributed to that scholarship) as per the MLS’s scholarships web pages.

2. Scholarship Entitlements

The entitlement to the scholarship is stipulated in the recipient’s letter of offer.

2.1 Scholarship Payment Prerequisites and Schedule

Scholarship payments will only be made after the recipient has:

  • accepted their admissions offer;
  • been admitted to the course for which the scholarship was awarded;
  • enrolled in a minimum of one subject per half-year period (January to June, July to December);
  • met any special conditions attached to the scholarship offer;
  • accepted the scholarship offer; and
  • updated their address and Australian bank details.

As a guide, scholarship payments may be processed in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Commencing scholarships that provide single payments are usually paid in April after the university census date provided the student remains enrolled.
  • Commencing scholarships that are provided for a period of three years will be paid in three equal installments in April of each year provided the student remains enrolled.
  • Continuing scholarships that provide one single payment are usually paid 4-6 weeks after applications close.

2.2 Fee Remission Scholarships (Melbourne Law Masters courses only)

Fee remission scholarship values are not transferable. Fee remission only applies to subjects offered by the University of Melbourne that are approved in the recipient’s study plan.

3. Scholarship Recipients’ Responsibilities

The MLS scholarships program exists because of the generosity of benefactors, who are interested and keen to hear how scholarships have impacted positively on students and assisted recipients to undertake their law studies. Many benefactors or their family members are alumni of MLS or otherwise have a strong connection with the Law School community over many years. MLS places great importance on relationships with benefactors and seeks ways to enrich the mutually beneficial connections between the Law School and benefactors. This benefits current MLS scholarship recipients, as well as those into the future.

3.1 Statement of Impact

In accepting the awarded scholarship, recipients agree to provide a statement of impact regarding their scholarship. The statement might indicate how the student has been assisted by the scholarship funds and the difference the funds have made to them. Recipients awarded multi-year scholarships will be asked to provide a statement of impact each year, to update the benefactor. Because of the great importance MLS places on relationships with benefactors, MLS reserves the right to rescind a scholarship offer in the event that a recipient fails to provide a statement of impact that has been requested.

3.2 Marketing and Promotion Activities

By accepting the scholarship, the recipient agrees to allow MLS to publish their name on the School website, in publications and other University materials. Scholarship recipients may be invited to participate in marketing and promotion activities. MLS is grateful to students who make themselves available to assist in this way.

3.3 Meeting with Benefactors

Scholarship recipients may be asked to meet with the benefactor or benefactors of their scholarship. It is expected that, if asked, a recipient will make themselves available for such a meeting. A member of the Law School’s Advancement team can be present at this meeting, if that is the preference of the recipient.

3.4 Changes to Enrolment

3.4.1 Withdrawing or Completing Course Early

A student must be enrolled in their coursework degree in order to receive scholarship payments. If a student completes their course early, or withdraws from their course, the scholarship is completed and the student is not entitled to any payments scheduled to be paid after the completion/withdrawal date.

3.4.2 International students

International students on a student visa are required to complete their course within the time given on their Confirmation of Enrolment. Usually this requires a full-time study load (0.5 EFTSL) per half-year period (January to June, July to December). In exceptional circumstances international students are permitted to reduce their study load. Approval for such a reduction in study load must be sought from the Assistant Dean (Teaching and Learning), Ms Judith Marychurch. Please inform the Law School’s Academic Support Office ( in this case.

3.4.3 Global Learning Opportunities

Scholarship payments will continue in circumstances where a recipient is accepted to undertake an MLS global learning opportunity (eg Study Overseas, travelling subjects).

It is the obligation of scholarship recipients to notify the Law School’s Academic Support Office ( in writing as soon as they are accepted into the MLS global learning opportunity; otherwise, their payments may be suspended.

3.4.4 Leave of Absence

Scholarship recipients wishing to take Leave of Absence from their MLS course will also need to take leave from their scholarship. Scholarship recipients are able to take leave from their scholarship for up to 12 months over the course of their studies.

Recipients seeking to take leave from their scholarship are required to apply in writing to the Academic Support Office ( for such leave.

Scholarship recipients are required to notify the Law School’s Academic Support Office ( when they return from Leave of Absence, so that their entitlements can be recommenced.

Scholarship recipients taking leave of absence or withdrawing from subjects after the subjects’ census date of a given half-year period (January to June, July to December) will, in the usual course of events, be required to pay back the scholarship amount or entitlement for that half-year period.

3.4.5 Late Withdrawal

Students who withdraw from subjects after the census date are liable for course fees. Some exceptions exist which enable students to apply to the University have their course fee waived. Any fees incurred due to late withdrawal will not be covered by the scholarship entitlements and scholarship recipients will, in usual circumstances, be required to pay fees that are incurred for that half-year period (January to June, July to December).

3.4.6 Discontinuation of Studies

Should a scholarship recipient elect to discontinue their MLS course, their scholarship will be terminated. The uncredited balance of the scholarship will be cancelled.

3.4.7 Transferring Studies

Should a scholarship recipient elect to transfer to another course within the University of Melbourne, their MLS scholarship will be terminated. Scholarship entitlements will only continue while the recipient remains enrolled in the MLS course that is linked to their scholarship.

3.5 Domestic Students and FEE-HELP loan

Students who use a FEE-HELP loan (which means that after each census date the cost of the enrolment is deferred as a loan to the Department of Education and reported to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)) are responsible for checking their invoices and Commonwealth Assistance Notices (CAN), issued after each subject’s census date, which inform students about the amount deferred to the ATO.

Please be advised that if the information on the invoices is incorrect, scholarship recipients must contact the University within 14 days of the CAN issue date. If the 14 days deadline is missed, the charges will be irreversible.

3.6 Centrelink and Taxation

MLS is unable to provide advice on Centrelink and taxation matters. The scholarship letter of offer contains all the necessary information about the benefits of the scholarship. Please retain that document for Centrelink or taxation purposes. For further information please go to Australian Taxation Office or Centrelink.

4. Termination of Scholarship

4.1 Misrepresentation

The awarding of a scholarship is based on information that the student has provided to the University of Melbourne. The scholarship may be withdrawn at any time if, after proper enquiry, the Associate Dean of the relevant program of study determines that the student has provided incorrect information or withheld relevant information.

4.2 Additional Grounds for Termination

A scholarship may be terminated if, after proper enquiry, the Associate Dean of the relevant program of study determines that the recipient has:

  • committed academic or general misconduct while a Melbourne Law School student;
  • not complied with the conditions of their scholarship; or
  • not conformed to the obligations placed on students under the University’s Statutes and Regulations and Policies as published on the University website and updated from time to time.

4.3 Consequences of Termination

If a scholarship is terminated, the recipient can be entitled to continue their studies, if they have maintained satisfactory academic progress as required by their course and have complied with all obligations placed on students under the University’s Statutes and Regulations and Policies.

4.4 Appeals against Termination

A student may appeal the decision to terminate their scholarship by the Associate Dean of the relevant program of study by making a written submission to the Deputy Dean of MLS, setting out the basis on which they believe that the decision has to be reviewed again. The Deputy Dean will make a final determination, considering the student’s submission.