2019 Sir George Turner Lecture - 01.10.19

Professor Emeritus Adrian Zuckerman delivers the 2019 Sir George Turner Lecture on 1 October 2019, speaking on the "Artificial Intelligence – The Implications for the Legal Profession, the Rule of Law and the Adversarial Process."

Event synopsis

"Artificial Intelligence – The Implications for the Legal Profession, the Rule of Law and the Adversarial Process" - 1 October 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are increasingly employed for decision-making in both public administration and private enterprise. Although a late arrival in law, AI is already used for documentary discovery and document review in commercial transactions. The court too is now beginning to exploit digitisation.

Just as AI can displace lawyers in determining relevance, it might one day offer more demanding services, including adjudication. It is uncertain to what extent AI would penetrate the administration of justice. But if we are going to have a say in future evolution, we need to understand the technological direction of travel and its challenges. Such understanding cannot provide complete control over change, but may help us ensure that it is beneficial.

There will be a book launch for Adrian's book, Zuckerman on Australian Civil Procedure, before the lecture, from 5pm. Copies of the book will be available for purchase.

About the presenter

Professor Adrian A S Zuckerman

Professor Adrian A S Zuckerman is Emeritus Professor of Civil Procedure at Oxford University and Emeritus Fellow of University College Oxford, a prominent civil litigation scholar, and a notable commentator on the administration of civil justice generally. His work has drawn attention to the principles and policies that shape litigation practice and to their wider social impact, particularly on access to justice.

He has influenced litigation policy and judicial practice, especially with regard to case management and litigation costs. He contributed to the Woolf Report on Access to Justice, and to the Jackson Review of Civil Litigation Costs. He lectures and supervises research students at Oxford University and is Editor in Chief of the Civil Justice Quarterly.

"Zuckerman on Civil Procedure" (now in its 3rd ed, 2013) has been cited at all levels of the English courts and elsewhere in the common law world. "Zuckerman on Australian Civil Procedure", was published in 2018 in collaboration with Australian scholars and practitioners who had been his students at Oxford.