2023 Seabrook Chambers Lecture - 23.10.23

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'The changing form of the Executive branch of Government and declining accountability'
Presented by The Hon. Robert Redlich AM. KC.

The 2023 Seabrook Chambers Lecture

In this lecture, The Hon. Robert Redlich will examine the centralisation of power, the exponential growth in the sphere of influence of ministerial advisors, the continuing decline in ministerial responsibility and the marginalised role of the public service.

His presentation will explore how that changed environment has been accompanied by a lack of accountability in failing to follow conventions, codes of conduct and due process - aspects of due governance designed to maximise the prospect that the exercise of power serves the public interest. He also argues executive government’s willingness to address deterioration in these standards usually depends upon public exposure of these failings; the ability to inform the public is an essential function of an effective integrity commission.

The Hon. Robert Redlich AM. KC.

The Hon. Robert Redlich practices in the areas of mediation, arbitration and investigations. Robert was admitted to the Victorian Bar in 1969 and took silk in 1984. He was appointed as a Supreme Court judge in 2002 and served as a trial judge for two years and then as a member of the Court of Appeal for 13 years before his retirement in 2017. He was subsequently appointed Commissioner of the Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) in 2018 and retired at the end of his 5-year term. Robert maintained a general practice at the Victorian Bar as both junior and senior counsel across common law, commercial and criminal law jurisdictions. He is also a former President of the Victorian Bar.

The Seabrook Chambers Lecture

Is an annual lecture series established by former Judges of the Accident Compensation Tribunal in the State of Victoria. This series invites internationally renowned guests to speak on issues relating to the rule of law in Australia and around the world.