Gridlock: reforming Australia’s institutions to unblock policy reform - 15.09.2021

Event details

On 15 September 2021, Melbourne Law School and Melbourne School of Government hosted the public lecture "Gridlock: reforming Australia’s institutions to unblock policy reform" presented by Professor John Daley.

Australia is failing to adopt many policy reforms that would increase prosperity. Based on a large sample of recommended policies, John’s capstone project after 12 years at Grattan Institute has identified the key blockers to reform. His research shows how Australia’s institutions of government are in large part to blame. Systemic changes are needed to many institutions including public sector regulation, ministerial staffing, political donations, and lobbying. Long-standing conventions are failing, and many need to be replaced by legally binding rules. This lecture outlines the important agenda for lawyers: to define new institutional rules that will improve the chances of policy reform in the public interest.

Please feel free to view the presentation slides from the webinar.

If you wish you view the "Gridlock: removing barriers to policy reform" report, you can find this on the Grattan Institute webpage.