Jack Aquilina

Senior Fellow (Melbourne Law Masters)

Holding Redlich

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Jack is a practicing tax litigation lawyer as a Senior Associate within Holding Redlich’s tax litigation and disputes practice, based in Melbourne.

As a Senior Associate, Jack represents clients in the tax dispute and litigation process and manages interactions with revenue authorities, including tax audits and reviews. Jack also advises clients extensively as to the revenue consequences of their transactions and corporate structures, particularly in minimising tax risk and to enable early compliance.

Jack's proven experience deploying a strategic, commercial, and evidence-based approach to managing reviews, audit and complex litigation has enabled him to achieve commercial and principled outcomes in the best interests of his clients.

In addition to his practice as a lawyer, Jack is a Senior Fellow of Melbourne Law School where he teaches in the Melbourne Law Masters Tax program. Jack is also an Academic and Lecturer at La Trobe University Law School and Deakin University Law School, where he delivers substantive legal units within the tax, evidence, statutory interpretation and criminal law disciplines.

Jack is also a doctoral candidate at Deakin University Law School where he is undertaking research in the discipline of the law of taxation.

Prior to re-joining Holding Redlich, Jack was a Senior Associate at KPMG Law within the tax controversy practice. From 2020 to 2021, Jack was an Associate at Holding Redlich with its tax litigation and disputes practice. From 2018 to 2020, he was a senior consultant and lawyer within Ernst & Young's Tax Controversy Practice.

Jack have been admitted to the Master of Laws of Taxation at the University of Melbourne. Jack also graduated with a Bachelor of Laws with Honours (Tax Law) and a Bachelor of Arts from La Trobe University.

Jack is an admitted Australian Lawyer and Officer of the Supreme Court of Victoria. Jack is also registered on the registry of the High Court of Australia.

Jack is an Associate of The Tax Institute and a practitioner member of the Law Institute of Victoria.

From August 2017-August 2018, Jack served as Senior Associate to their Honours Justice Priest, Beach and McLeish of the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Victoria and to her Honour Justice Taylor when she was appointed to the Supreme Court Criminal Trial Division.

Significant personal achievements have been receiving the award of Darebin Young Citizen of the Year in 2010, being admitted to the Golden Key International Honours Society and as a member of the Presidents' Honours List of Texas Tech University for 2013.

Jack is also a published author on tax law and policy matters in the Australian Tax Forum and the Thomson Reuters Weekly Tax Bulletin.

Teaching (2023)

Melbourne Law Masters