Professor Jeannie Paterson

  • Associate Professor Jeannie Paterson

Professor of Law
Centre for AI and Digital Ethics - Co-director
Digital Access and Equity Research Program - Melbourne Social Equity Institute

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Jeannie Marie Paterson is a Professor of Law at the University of Melbourne. With Professor Tim Miller (FEIT), Jeannie is the founding co-director of the Centre for AI and Digital Ethics, an interdisciplinary research, teaching and policy centre at the University of Melbourne involving the Faculties of Engineering and Information Technology, Law, Arts, Medicine, Education, and Science. With Professor Shanton Chang (FEIT)  is the co-leader of the Digital Equity research stream at the Melbourne Social equity Institute.

Jeannie’s expertise lies in the areas of consumer protection, consumer credit and data protection law, as well as the law of emerging digital technologies, AI and robotics. Her research focuses on regulatory design for fair, safe, and accountable consumer products, and technologies. Jeannie’s research has been cited by law reform inquiries and by Courts, including by the High Court of Australia. She has successfully managed numerous research grants funding and collaborated in research projects in the public and not for profit sectors.

Jeannie teaches undergraduate, Juris doctor and postgraduate students in consumer protection law, and AI, ethics and the law.

Jeannie publishes widely on her fields of research. Jeannie also has considerable expertise in research translation and impact. Jeannie frequently works with news media and university publications to promote recent research, and to provide expert commentary on current news and policy debates. She engages in public and industry presentations about her work in a variety of forums.

Jeannie has an impressive track record of consultation and collaboration with government, industry regulators and community legal centres for law reform and review. Jeannie is frequently invited as a speaker to industry, government, and regulator conferences. She has consulted to ASEAN, the Banking and Financial Services Royal Commissions and ASIC on legal and regulatory reform. Jeannie has further provided influential contributions to law reform inquiries to the Productivity Commission, the Australian Law Reform Commission, Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department, Commonwealth Treasury, and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Jeannie’s research expertise is well recognised and she sits on steering and advisory committees throughout the University of Melbourne and for research centres throughout Australia and in the UK.
Jeannie has acted in a number of leadership roles within the university, including as a member of the JD selection committee and, from 2015-2017 was Associate Dean responsible for the Juris Doctor degree in Melbourne Law School.

Jeannie has a BA/LLB(Hons) from ANU and a PhD from Monash University. Jeannie is admitted to practice and holds a current legal practicing certificate.

Jeannie is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law.


Melbourne Law Masters

The Melbourne JD


Other School and University Responsibilities

  • Co-Director of the Centre for AI and Digital Ethics at MLS
  • Co-leader of the Digital Equity Research Program at the Melbourne Social Equity Institute
  • Melbourne Connect Academic Advisory Committee
  • Centre for Mindfulness Advisory Committee
  • Centre for Data Science Advisory Committee
  • MDAP Advisory Panel

Memberships and Affiliations

Fellow – Australian Academy of Law

Assuring Responsibility for Trusted Autonomous Systems Project at the University of York – Academic Advisory Panel

Australian Journal of Business Law – Academic Editor (Consumer Protection)

Australian Payments Network - Advisory Panel

Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision Making and Society – Affiliate Researcher

Consumer Policy Research Centre – Expert Advisory Panel

Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre – Academic Advisory Panel

Data & Policy Journal (Cambridge) - Area Lead Editor

Journal for Law, Technology and Humans- Academic Editor

Minderoo Tech and Policy Lab (UWA) – Academic Advisory Panel