Published Papers

Publications Resulting from the Conference

Drug and Alcohol Review (2021)
Robin Room, Deborah Gleeson and Mia MillerIntroduction to special section: Alcoholic beverages in trade agreements: Industry lobbying and the public health interest
Mia Miller, Claire Wilkinson, Robin Room, Paula O'Brien, Belinda Townsend, Ashley Schram and Deborah GleesonIndustry submission on alcohol in the context of Australia's trade and investment agreements: a content and framing analysis of publicly available documents
Sparsha JanardhanHarnessing trade and investment agreements to promote public health
Deborah Gleeson and Paula O'BrienAlcohol labelling rules in free trade agreements: advancing the industry's interests at the expense of the public's health
Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (forthcoming 2020)
Julia Stafford, Kypros Kypri and Simone Pettigrew Industry actor use of research evidence: Critical analysis of Australian alcohol policy submissions
Gianna Gayle Herrera Amul Alcohol advertising, promotion and sponsorship: A review of regulatory policies in ASEAN
Jeff Collin Taking steps towards coherent global governance of alcohol: The challenge and opportunity of managing conflict of interest
European Journal of Risk Regulation (forthcoming 2021, all published in early view)
Robin Room Global Intergovernmental Action to Minimise Alcohol Problems: The 'Back Story'
Robin Room and Jenny Cisneros Örnberg A Framework Convention on Alcohol Control: Getting Concrete about its Contents
Claire Slattery Using Human Rights Law to Progress Alcohol Control
Patricia Hepworth, Lisa Schölin and Sarah Ward Alcohol Labelling in the Global Food System: The Progress and Implications of Recent Work in the Codex Committee on Food Labelling
Paula O'BrianMissing in Action: The Global Alcohol Strategy and the WTO
Gian Luca BurciA Global Legal Instrument for Alcohol Control: Options, Prospects and Challenges
Suzanne ZhouAn International Normative Instrument for Alcohol Control - Lessons from the WHO FCTC for its Structure, Design and Status
Jürgen Rehm, Sally Casswell, Jakob Manthey, Robin Room & Kevin ShieldReducing the Harmful Use of Alcohol: Have the Targets Been Met?
Single Papers
Adam Bertscher, Rohrs, S. and London, L. ‘A human rights analysis of South Africa’s Control of Marketing of Alcoholic Beverages Bill’, Homa Publica: International Journal of Human Rights and Business (forthcoming).
Connie Hoe, ‘Drink, but Don't Drive? Alcohol Industry's Involvement in Global Road Safety’, (2020) Health Policy and Planning (forthcoming).
Jane Kelsey, ‘How Digital Trade Agreements Constrain Regulatory Autonomy: The Case of the Regulating Alcohol Marketing in the Digital Age’, (2020) 29 New Zealand Universities Law Review 153-179
Kate Vallance, Alexandria Vincent, Nour Schoueri-Mychasiw, Tim Stockwell, David Hammond, Thomas K. Greenfield, Jonathan McGavock and Erin Hobin, ‘News Media and the Influence of the Alcohol Industry: An Analysis of Media Coverage of Alcohol Warning Labels With a Cancer Message in Canada and Ireland’, (2020) 81 Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 273-83 (open access).
Belinda Townsend, Sharon Friel, Ashley Schram, Fran Baum and Ronald Labonte, ‘What Generates Attention to Health in Trade Policy Making? Lessons From Success in Tobacco Control and Access to Medicines: A Qualitative Study of Australia and the (Comprehensive and Progressive) Trans-Pacific Partnership’, (2020) International Journal of Health Policy and Management (early view)(open access).