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TAS Chapter Seminar- 5 December 2015

The Tasmanian State Chapter, together with the Industrial Relations Society of Australia, held a seminar on the topic 'Restraint of Trade Clauses'. Rob Jackson, Bruce McTgatt and Mark Rinaldi provided practical tips and guidance in relation to the drafting of restraint trade clauses and lessons to be learnt from cases.

TAS Chapter Seminar - 11 December 2012

Dr Graham Smith addressed the topic: 'An Unruly Harmony: Practical Issues and Unintended Consequences of the New Harmonised WHS Legislation'.

TAS Chapter Seminar - 5 September 2012

IRST and ALLA presented: "Evading Employment: Is it time to move the Goalposts?". Andrew Stewart, John Bray Professor of Law at the University of Adelaide and President of the Australian Labour Law Association addressed the common law definition of employment, as enshrined in the Fair Work Act 2009, and the capacity of organisations to engage workers who fall outside that definition.

TAS Chapter Seminar - 28 October 2011

In October, the Chapter held a Q & A forum featuring Steve Knott (CEO of AMMA), Kevin Harkins (Secretary Unions Tasmania), Ray Smith (Acting Director, Fair Work Ombudsman) as well as local IR practitioners representing businesses, unions and the profession.

TAS Chapter Seminar - 9 August 2011

Tim Lee, former General Manager of Fair Work Australia spoke at a function for the Tasmanian Chapter of ALLA just prior to his appointment as a Fair Work Australia Member. This function was very popular with ALLA members.

TAS Chapter Informal Morning Tea - 2 May 2011

The Tasmanian Chapter held an informal morning tea with the Honourable Michael Kirby AC, CMG, at 10:30am on Monday 2 May 2011. Michael Kirby is, amongst many other appointments, a former Judge of the High Court of Australia and a former member of the Australian conciliation and Arbitration Commission.

TAS Chapter Conference - 5 November 2010

A one day conference was held at the Woolstore in Hobart on Friday 5 November, 2010.

TAS Chapter Seminar - 4 June 2010

The Tasmanian Chapter held a function lunchtime seminar, 'Protected industrial action under the Fair Work Act – Recent Developments", featuring Dr Shae McCrystal, on Friday 4 June.

TAS Chapter Seminar - 22 April 2010

The Tasmanian Chapter, in conjunction with the Industrial Relations Society of Tasmania and the Law Society of Tasmania, held a luncheon, 'All You Need to Know' about the Fair Work Act, featuring Tim Lee, General Manager of Fair Work Australia, on Thursday 22 April.

TAS Chapter Seminar - 4 July 2008

The Tasmanian Chapter, in conjunction with the Industrial Relations Society of Tasmania, held a luncheon, 'Employment Law - an Update', featuring Professor Andrew Stewart, John Bray Professor at the University of Adelaide, on Friday 4 July.

TAS Chapter Seminar - 9 December 2003

Mr Bill Shorten, National and Victorian Secretary of the Australian Workers' Union, was the main speaker at the seminar on 'Future Challenges for Unions and Industrial Relations Generally'.

TAS Chapter Launch - 28 April 2003

The Tasmanian Chapter was launched by Judy Jackson, MHA, Tasmanian Attorney General and Minister for Justice and Industrial Relations at the Industrial Relations Commission building in Hobart. Mr Anthony Forsyth addressed the Forum on the topic 'What's in a Name? The Coalition Government's Third Term Agenda in Industrial Relations'.