Paige Carter

Recipient of the 2019 Gilbert + Tobin Scholarship.

Scholarship recipient Paige Carter

"I am immensely privileged to receive the Gilbert + Tobin Scholarship. I have always aspired to study law at the University of Melbourne and moving from Perth to Melbourne has resulted in new challenges and opportunities. The biggest obstacle I face is the financial burden of living out of home whilst studying full-time. This scholarship allows me to focus on my studies and is a central part of me achieving my goals. 

My academic goals include maintaining a strong average, whilst also participating in extracurricular activities. My primary career goal is to help communities that are unable to access the legal system due to financial barriers. In particular, I want to help the indigenous community, as I have heard first-hand accounts from my grandmother on how legal disputes have damaged and challenged her community. 

Additionally, this scholarship will allow me to spend more time focusing on social justice issues. Volunteering is very close to my heart. This is what motivated me to take on the Director of People and Culture role at Oaktree - Australia's largest youth-run international development organisation - for two years, and in 2020 I have taken on the role of Indigenous Representative for the Melbourne University Law Students’ Society. This scholarship provides me with the financial sustainability I need to focus on volunteering.

I am very grateful for this scholarship, as it will have a large impact on my development and success."

Paige was also the 2019 recipient of the Donaghue-Evans Indigenous Scholarship.

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