Thea Shields

Recipient of the 2019 Alan Goldberg Scholarship.

Scholarship recipient Thea Shields

"This incredibly generous award has not only enabled me to pursue my long held ambition of attending MLS, but will also ensure that while I am a student here I will be able to prioritise, and be fully engaged with, my studies.

Following on from my undergraduate studies which focused on politics and climate change, I remain deeply interested in the area of Climate Justice and, especially, how it intersects with Indigenous Land Rights. I have greatly admired the work of several notable professors who currently teach at Melbourne in this area and I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to learn more closely from them.

Having had to relocate from regional NSW in order to study in Melbourne has also brought with it additional financial strain, strain which this award has greatly alleviated. With the help of this scholarship I will be able to more easily achieve a manageable work/study balance and pursue my academic aspirations. I hope to be able to use the skills this degree will offer in a meaningful way, to bring about tangible change in critical areas like Climate Policy, and to assist those who may not be able to otherwise access legal aid.

I have been the fortunate recipient of such generosity and seen firsthand the impact that it can have on developing ones career, and consequently intend to offer what assistance I can to others like myself in future years.

I wish to convey my most heartfelt thanks to the family and colleagues of Alan Goldberg for establishing this scholarship and for supporting the next generation of lawyers to achieve similarly significant careers.

Through my work, both as a student and in my future career, I hope to honour his legacy of exceptional professional skills and commitment to justice."

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