Ms Kathryn Taylor

  • Ms Kathryn Taylor

    Centre Manager

Ms Kathryn Taylor joined the Centre in 1998 as the Administrator. In 2005, she was appointed Manager of the Asian Law Centre and Manager of the Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society (formerly, Centre for Islamic Law and Society). She plays a pivotal role in overseeing Associate Professor Tarun Khaitan's Indian Equality Law Programme.  Kathryn was previously the Project Manager of Professor Tim Lindsey's ARC Federation Fellowship from 2006 to 2012, and was Project Manager of Asian Law Online, the largest bibliographic database of English language materials on Asian legal systems in the world.

Kathryn completed her Arts degree with Honours in Chinese from the University of Melbourne in 1999, after spending 16 months studying Mandarin at National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan R.O.C. She completed a Master of Management (International Business) at Monash University in 2001. As part of this degree, Kathryn also completed a Winter Semester in Chinese Law at the East China University of Politics and Law. Kathryn's research interests include the Chinese language and culture, Asian legal systems (particularly the legal systems of China and Taiwan), international business, the current state of China-Taiwan relations and Islam in China. Kathryn is able to communicate in Mandarin.

She has co-edited a monograph with Stacey Steele, titled Legal Education in Asia: Globalization, Change and Contexts (Routledge, 2010).