Dr Koam Sinoun

Koam Sinoun

Deputy Director, Legislation Department, Ministry of Health (KHM)

My name is Koam Sinoun (DDs). I have been working in the Ministry of Health for 19 years as a deputy director of Legislation Department responsible for developing and drafting the law, regulations, and policies related to health in collaboration with relevant institutions. Another duty to review, suggest, and revise draft law, legal text and monitoring, evaluation the implementation of the regulations that are related to health.

I had completed a Dental Surgeon Diploma in year 2000 and working as dental practitioner for 7 years. Other qualification was completed a Middle Ranking Civil Servant after studying for 2 years with a tough competition for this Royal school of Administration. I have been a civil servant ever since. After graduating there, I decided to join the Ministry of Health in 2002.

Along with my work experience for years I will spend the rest of my life to improve health regulation system by reducing maximize impact of regulation after approval for implementation.

The role of public health and emergency law during COVID-19 is the most important for Cambodian after the country through a long war over the years, and due to the social, economic, cultural and educational situation, so the need for legislation to be enforced is very restrictive, and the government is primarily more concerned with the health of the people than human right.

For the WHO Forum on Law and COVID-19 I would love to join in gaining new experience and knowledge for improving regulation COVID-19 response in my country to be more effective and efficient.