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ARC Federation Fellowship - "Islam and Modernity: Syari'ah, Terrorism and Governance in South-East Asia"

Professor Tim Lindsey was appointed as an ARC Federation Fellow in 2006, a highly prestigious 5-year appointment funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC). Professor Lindsey has an outstanding reputation for his research and scholarship in Islamic Law in Southeast Asia and more broadly in the comparative law of developing countries.

During the period of his Fellowship (2006-2012), he researched "Islam and Modernity: Syari'ah, Terrorism and Governance in South-East Asia". Terrorism in Southeast Asia responds to challenges that western-derived modernity poses for Islam. These challenges include market economies, democracy and nation states. Professor Lindsey will examine the different responses to these challenges through research in regional Muslim communities, institution building, mentoring young scholars and community engagement in the Southeast Asian region. He aims to achieve a better understanding of Islam and terrorism in Southeast Asia and thereby strengthen Australia's capacity to navigate our regional relationships.

In a changing world Professor Lindsey's insights will be of vital importance to Australia's interaction with our Asian neighbours.

ARC Federation Fellowship Commissioned Background Paper Series

Simon Butt, "Anti-Terrorism Law and Criminal Process in Indonesia" (August, 2007)

Indonesia-Related Commentary and Legislation


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Indonesian Legislation in Translation




Syariahisation in Indonesia: A Selection of Local Regulations (PerDa)

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