Supreme Court of Japan Visiting Judges Program

Each year since 2003, the Asian Law Centre has hosted a Judge from Japan as part of the Overseas Training and Research Program of the Supreme Court of Japan. The Program enables Judges from Japan to experience life in a jurisdiction outside Japan for a twelve-month period and provides them with a valuable opportunity to study Australian law courses, access University resources and undertake research and training activities, including visits to Victorian courts and meetings with court personnel.

Past and present judges

2019-2020 - Judge Maiko Ishikawa, Osaka District Court

Judge Maiko Yukawa is a judge of Osaka District Court hearing administrative dispute cases. Judge Yukawa will be visiting the Melbourne Law School to research administrative laws and procedure in Australia.

2018-2019 - Judge Hayato Aoki, Okayama District Court

Judge Aoki is a judge from Okayama District Court. During his stay, he will conduct comparative research on the bail system, criminal trials by jury, the sentencing process and community-based correction.He will also observe criminal trials and interview legal professionals engaged in relevant cases.

2017-2018 - Judge Yuri Takemura, Yokohama District Court

Judge Takemura is an assistant judge from Yokohama District Court. During her stay, she will conduct comparative research on interlocutory injunctions in Australia in the context of commercial law. She will also observe cases which require the use of experts, and is interested in settlement mechanisms and the role and activities of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

2016-2017 - Judge Yoshihiro Baba, Ichinomiya Branch of Nagoya District Court

Judge Baba is an assistant judge from the Ichinomiya Branch of Nagoya District and Family Courts. During his stay, he will conduct research on the management of lawsuits which require expert knowledge and experience, such as malpractice lawsuits.

2015-2016 - Judge Satoshi Matsumoto, Osaka District Court

Judge Matsumoto is an assistant judge from Osaka District Court. During his stay, he will conduct research on civil aspects of international child abduction of the Hague Convention. Further, he will study its operation and the structure of Family Law in Australia.

2014-2015 - Judge Aya Kobayashi, Tokyo District Court

Judge Kobayashi is an Assistant Judge from the Tokyo District Court, Japan. Judge Kobayashi aims to conduct research on the systems in place for the protection of elderly people in Australia. She will also be researching class actions and their operation in practice.

2013-2014 - Judge Kaoto Kida, Yokohama Family and District Court

Judge Kaoto Kida is an assistant judge from Yokohama Family and District Court. Judge Kida will research matters related to juvenile delinquency and related diversion programs. In addition he will be conducting research into Australia's lawsuit management through different alternate dispute resolution methods and the adversarial system used in Australia.

2012-2013 - Judge Sachiyo Kitagawa, Fukuoka District Court

Judge Sachiyo Kitagawa is an assistant judge from Fukuoka District Court. Judge Kitagawa is researching alternative dispute resolution in Victoria, such as arbitration. She will also research the management and preservation of evidence in civil litigation in Australian courts.

2011-2012 - Judge Atsuyuki Taniike, Tokyo District Court

Judge Atsuyuki Taniike is an Assistant Judge from the Tokyo District Court, Japan. Judge Taniike undertook research into Australia's contract laws, focussing on the differences between the Australian and Japanese systems. He also undertook research into the civil procedure and civil jury system in Australia.

2010-2011 - Judge Gen Ueno, Okayama Family Court

Judge Ueno researched the process for solving divorce disputes, particularly how the Family Court, mediation, arbitration and court counsellors solve serious issues relating to parental authority, domestic violence and child abuse.

2009-2010 - Judge Toshiyuki Abe, Yokohama District Court

Judge Abe undertook research into "the effectiveness and problems of the concurrent evidence in the technical cases (especially malpractice litigation) in Australia and the "public conciliation system by the Health Service Commissioner in Victoria".

2008-2009 - Judge Atushi Shiraishi, Tokyo District Court

Judge Shiraishi researched victims' participation in criminal justice and the influence over juries, verdicts and defendants.

2007-2008 - Judge Takamoto Hagiwara, Tokyo District Court

Judge Hagiwara researched civil action procedure in Australia, especially how experts are used in specialised actions such as a medical lawsuits and intellectual property suits.

2006-2007 - Judge Eriko Kawajiri, Tokyo District Court

Judge Kawajiri's research interests include the criminal justice system in Australia (particularly the jury system), support and legal resources for victims of crime and rehabilitation programs.

2005-2006 - Judge Takaaki Miura, Yamagata District/Family Court

While in Australia, Judge Miura researched the selection of juries and strategies for conducting jury trials in ways that are understandable to lay jurors.

2004-2005 - Judge Daijiro Yasuda, Ashikaga Branch of Utsunomiya District Court

Judge Yasuda's research interests include the legal profession in Australia and, in particular, the appointment of judges from the ranks of barristers.

2003-2004 - Judge Takashi Nakajima, Osaka District Court

Judge Nakajima's research interests include civil procedure and administrative litigation.