Translated Theses (in Vietnamese)

Please find a list of translated theses excerpts below.

Author Title English Version Vietnamese Version
Meichang Connie Tran  'Mind the Gaps' - A Legal Dogmatic Study on Service Provision for Returning Human Trafficking Victims in Vietnam Full thesis text  
Nguyen Van Cuong  The Drafting of Vietnam's Consumer Protection Law: An Analysis from Legal Transplantation Theories (2012) Chapter 7 Chapter 7
Pham Trong Nghia Experiences of Incorporating Ratified Core International Labour Standards into Vietnam's Legal System (2012) Chapter 5 Chapter 5
Dao Le Thu Bribery Offences under Vietnamese Criminal Law in Comparison with Swedish and Australian Criminal Law (2011) Full thesis text Full thesis text
Nguyen Van Quang A Comparative Study of the Systems of Review of Administrative Action by Courts and Tribunals in Australia and Vietnam: What Vietnam Can Learn from Australian Experience (2007) Thesis excerpt Thesis excerpt