Victorian Charter of Human Rights

The Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies has been heavily involved in the process leading to the enactment of the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities. Members of the Centre made submissions to the Human Rights Consultation Process, were involved in the Consultation
Process' expert roundtable, and have acted as consultants to government in the drafting and implementation phases.

This site provides information and links to the key resources on the Victorian Charter, in the hope that it will assist public awareness and knowledge about the Charter. It inlcudes:

  • Primary documents, including the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 and the parliamentary records leading to its enactment; and
  • Other resources, including resources on the ACT Human Rights Act.

Primary Documents

Legislative Materials

Human Rights Consultation Committee Report

  • Department of Justice, Victoria, 'Human Rights in Victoria: Statement of Intent, May 2005

Submissions to the Human Rights Consultation Committee

Other Resources

Victorian Resources

Australian Resources