Graduate Researchers

Current CCCS Graduate Researchers

  • Osayd Awawda

    Thesis title: The judicialisation of Politics in Palestine: What is the Role of the Constitutional Court in Resisting the Authoritarian behaviours of Fatah Regime in the West Bank?
    Supervisors: Cheryl Saunders and Simon Evans

  • Anjalee De Silva

    Thesis title: Sticks, stones and sex: Addressing the gender gap in Australian vilification legislation
    Supervisors: Adrienne Stone and Katharine Gelber

  • Elizabeth Hicks

    Thesis title: Judging Values: A Comparative Study of the Relationship between Values Reasoning and Legalism in Australia and Germany
    Supervisors: Adrienne Stone and Cheryl Saunders

  • Troy Keily

    Thesis title: The Role of the 'Act of State' and 'Non-Justiciability' Doctrines in Limiting Judicial Review of International Affairs
    Supervisors: Cheryl Saunders and Richard Garnett

  • Tony Mihalopoulos

    Thesis title: Imagining new modes of cultural co-existence for indigenous peoples and ethnocultural groups in Australia: an interdisciplinary study
    Supervisors: Beth Gaze and Lisa Sarmas

  • Charmaine Rodrigues

    Thesis title: Revolution or coup?: Implications for constitutional process design
    Cheryl Saunders and William Partlett

  • Carlos Arturo Villagr├ín Sandoval

    Thesis title: Overcoming Central America's Paradoxes: On Constitutionalism, Free Trade Agreements and Regional Integration
    Supervisors: Cheryl Saunders and Jurgen Kurtz

  • Joshua Snukal

    Thesis title: Faux amis: Translating Canadian and French notions of the separation of powers and the rule of law in the context of the detention of suspected terrorists after 9/11
    Cheryl Saunders and Scott Stephenson

  • Toerien Van Wyk

    Thesis title: Constitutionally guaranteeing information flow
    Adrienne Stone and Cheryl Saunders

Completed Graduate Researchers affilated to CCCS

  • Kathy Adams

    Thesis title: Mediating Work and Family Responsibilities: A Comparative Study of Legislative Strategies
    Supervisors: Jenny Morgan and Beth Gaze

  • Marco Bini

    Thesis title: The duty to act in the best interests of the public entity
    Supervisors: Ian Ramsay and Beth Gaze

  • Anne Carter

    Thesis title: Proportionality and the proof of facts in Australian Public Law
    Supervisors: Cheryl Saunders and Jeremy Gans

  • Hai Ha Do

    Thesis title: The Effectiveness of Legal Transplants: The case of conflict resolution in Vietnam
    Supervisors: Pip Nicholson and Sean Cooney

  • Anna Dziedzic

    Thesis title: The appointment of foreign judges to courts with constitutional jurisdiction in the Pacific region’
    Supervisors: Cheryl Saunders and Adrienne Stone

  • Dylan Lino

    Thesis title: Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
    Supervisors: Adrienne Stone, Cheryl Saunders and Megan Davis

  • Sally Low

    Thesis title: A legal history of the French Protectorate in Cambodia: 1863 to 1953
    Supervisors: Pip Nicholson and David Chandler

  • Nurhafilah Musa

    Thesis title: The intergovernmental relations in the administration of Islamic matters in Malaysia – A potential use of cooperative federalist framework
    Supervisors: Carolyn Evans and Cheryl Saunders

  • Leilani Elliott

    Thesis title: Words on Paper Cannot Save Children in Peril - Children and the Human Rights-Based Approach in Post-Conflict Situations: The Gap between Rhetoric and Reality
    Supervisors: Carolyn Evans and John Tobin

  • Tanya Josev

    Thesis title: A History of the "Judicial Activism" Debate in the United States and Australia
    Supervisors: Stuart Macintyre and Cheryl Saunders

  • George Kailis

    Thesis title: A Public Right to Fish?
    Supervisors: Michael Crommelin, Stuart Kaye and Kirsty Gover

  • Katy Le Roy

    Thesis title: Participatory constitution making: lessons from Fiji and Solomon Islands
    Supervisors: Cheryl Saunders

  • Liz Macpherson

    Thesis title: The Indigenous Water Market: Commercial Indigenous Water Rights in Australia and Chile
    Supervisors: Maureen Tehan and Kirsty Gover

  • Hajrah Saboor

    Thesis title: A Critical Analysis of Pakistan's Blasphemy Law
    Supervisors: Carolyn Evans and Amanda Whiting

  • Elizabeth Southwood

    Thesis title: Keeping courts judicial
    Supervisors: Cheryl Saunders and Adrienne Stone

  • My Anh Tran

    Thesis title: Judicial review in private law: an examination of the court's role in reviewing exercises of discretion by privately appointed decision-makers
    Supervisors: Simon Evans, Matthew Harding

  • Getachew Woldemariam

    Thesis title: Constitutional Protection of Human and Minority Rights in Ethiopia: Myth v. Reality
    Supervisors: Cheryl Saunders and Simon Evans