Legislatures and Human Rights Project

This project, funded by the Australian Research Council, was conducted between 2005-2008. While the grant period is now finished, the researchers continue to undertake some work in this field and this webpage will be updated periodically with related publications and conference information

The Legislatures and Human Rights project aimed to provide a comprehensive and empirical analysis of the adequacy of the methods that parliaments employ to ensure the protection of human rights in the various Australian jurisdictions. Through a comparative study it aims to compare their performance with world's best practice. It also contributed to the debate over whether Victoria and Australia needed statutory bills of rights, the shape that such bills should take, and the way that they should be applied.

About the Researchers

The investigators on the project are Deputy Centre Director Professor Carolyn Evans and Centre Member Professor Simon Evans.

Publications and working papers

Read more about the research publications and working papers produced by the project team here.

International Conference on Legislatures and the Protection of Human Rights

The project presented a major international conference in July 2006.

A second major international conference was held in September 2007 and a third was held on 3 October 2008.

A jointly organised conference held in Sydney in 2009.

About the Project

There has been considerable debate in Australia over the extent to which parliaments and the democratic processes do a good job promoting and protecting human rights. Some argue that parliaments ignore the interests of minorities or the politically powerless and provide inadequate protection of rights. Others argue that Australia's generally good performance in the area of human rights demonstrates the adequacy of the existing mechanisms. Academics have also joined this debate at a theoretical level, with some arguing that a democratically elected parliament is the only body with the legitimacy to make controversial moral choices about the how to apply rights in specific, complex situations.

Despite this political and academic debate there has been no comprehensive, empirical research into the adequacy of the methods that parliaments employ to ensure the protection of human rights in the various Australian jurisdictions. This project, funded by the Australian Research Council, sought to fill that gap and to contribute to the on-going debate about Bills of Rights and their application.


Books, articles and book chapters

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Working papers

  • Carolyn Evans and Simon Evans, Evaluating the Human Rights Performance of Australian Legislatures: A Research Agenda and Methodology', Legal Studies Research Paper No. 123, July 2005.
  • Simon Evans, Improving Human Rights Analysis in the Legislative and Policy Processes, Legal Studies Research Paper No. 124, July 2005.
  • Simon Evans and Carolyn Evans, 'A bill of rights for Victoria?' (opinion piece)


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