Religious Freedom and Non-discrimination Project

Grant Scheme

ARC Discovery Project




$162 000

Chief Investigators

Carolyn Evans and Beth Gaze

Carolyn is a recognised expert on religious freedom. She will take primary responsibility for the research into the issues for religious freedom raised by the research. She will also have primary responsibility for the work on the international law on both religious freedom and discrimination, as she has both teaching and research experience in international law.

Beth is a highly experienced discrimination lawyer and academic with experience in empirical studies of law. She will take charge of the research associated with domestic discrimination provisions in the comparator countries. This will include research into the interpretation and application of these laws by the relevant courts, tribunals and officials.

Project Summary

Achieving the right balance between adequately protecting religious freedom while staying true to principles of non-discrimination is far from easy. This project will advance understanding and analysis of religious freedom and equal treatment in Australia, in principle, in law and empirically. In the context of community tensions along ethno-religious lines, it will benefit Australia to have the issues at stake described and clarified. The project will identify the relevant interests at stake and develop policy recommendations for their protection. The aim is to contribute to inter-religious (and inter-cultural) harmony, as an element of safeguarding Australia.


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Conference Presentations

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