Fair Work Australia's Influence in the Enterprise Bargaining Process

Centre Member: John Howe
Centre Associates: Anthony Forsyth, Peter Gahan
Research Staff: Ingrid Landau

The research team is carrying out a study of the influence of Fair Work Australia (FWA) through its supervisory role in the enterprise bargaining process, and the consequences of FWA's involvement for the way that employers, employees and unions manage industrial relations at the workplace level. The study commenced in 2011 and is focused on FWA's handling and determination of bargaining-related cases under Part 2-4 of theFair Work Act 2009. In 2012, the study will provide FWA with empirical data relevant to the reporting requirement in s.653(1)(a), to 'review the developments, in Australia, in making enterprise agreements' over the period 1 July 2009–30 June 2012. Among other outcomes, the research findings will enable FWA to ascertain the effectiveness of its interventions in collective bargaining under Part 2-4 of the Fair Work Act.