The Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law houses two series of Monographs on Australian Labour Law. One is a series of occasional Monographs published by the Centre. The other is the Federation Press Series Monograph on Australian Labour Law. Sponsored by major Australian labour law firms, the Monographs are edited by Breen Creighton, Richard Mitchell and Andrew Stewart.

Monographs on Australian Labour Law

  • The Right to Strike in Australia (Number 5)
    Shae McCrystal, 2010
  • Regulating for Job Creation (Number 4)
    John Howe, 2008
  • Employee Protection at Common Law (Number 3)
    Joellen Riley, 2005
  • Occupational Health and Safety, Courts and Crime (Number 2)
    Richard Johnstone, 2003
  • Trade Union Security Law (Number 1)
    Phillipa Weeks, 1995

If you would like to order any of these Monographs, please contact the publishers directly: The Federation Press

Monograph Series

Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law Occasional Monograph Series

  • Workplace Discrimination and the Law
    (Number 2)
    Richard Naughton (ed), 1995 ($20; $10 for students)
  • Labour Law and Employee Relations in the Education Industry: Some Contemporary Issues
    (Number 4)
    Jane Edwards (ed), 1996 ($20; $10 for students)
  • The Workplace Relations Act in Operation:
    Eight Case Studies

    (Number 6)
    Richard Naughton (ed), 1998 ($25; $20 for students)


  • Facing the Challenge in the Asia Pacific Region: Contemporary Themes and Issues in Labour Law(Number 5)
  • Richard Mitchell and Jesse Min Aun Wu (eds), 1997
    Redefining Labour Law: New Perspectives on the Future of Teaching and Research
    (Number 3)
  • Richard Mitchell (ed), 1995 ($40; $20 for students)
    Occupational Health and Safety Prosecutions in Australia: Overview and Issues
    (Number 1)
    Richard Johnstone (ed), 1994

If you would like to order copies of any of our Monograph series, please contact the Centre Coordinator at or at (03) 8344 8924.