Associate Professor Kerstin Steiner

  • Dr Kerstin Steiner

    CILIS Associate


Dr. Kerstin Steiner is an Associate Professor and Director (International) at the Law School, La Trobe University. She is specialising in Southeast Asian legal studies researching at the intersection of law, politics, economics and society, especially with regard to Islam.

She has secured several grants for her research and has been received numerous awards in recognition of her research.

She has held numerous visiting positions and presented her research extensively at a range of highly prestigious national and international institutions.

Her notable publications include volumes on Islam, Law and the State in Southeast Asia (with Tim Lindsey) and she was guest editor (with Dominik Mueller) for a volume on ‘The Bureaucratisation of Islam in Southeast Asia: Transdisciplinary Perspectives’ in the Current Journal of Southeast Asian Affairs.

She is an associate editor of the International Journal of Islam in Asia (Brill) and an advisory board member for the series Islam in Southeast Asia (book and journal series at the University of the Philippines) as well as the series on International Relations in Southeast Asia (Routledge)

She has provided media commentary (national and international radio and TV) and expert advice to non-governmental institutions. Her work was used and cited in reports to governments and institutions.