Assessing Indonesia's Response'
Online Conference

6-7 October, 2020

Hosted by:
Indonesia Democracy Hallmark Research Initiative (IDeHaRI)
Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society

Join prominent Indonesian and Australian scholars and activists as they present insights into how the Indonesian government has responded to the Covid-19 pandemic. Topics covered include politics, democratic regression, freedom of expression, health policy and testing, impact on women, people with disability and the urban poor, and Muslim attitudes.

Speakers will include:

DAY 1: Politics and Rights (6 October, 2 pm)

Marcus Mietzner
Mughis Mudhoffir
Bivitri Susanti
Inaya Rakhmani
Wahyudi Djafar
Nadirsyah Hosen

DAY 2: Health and Society (7 October, 2pm)

Iwan Ariawan
Pandu Riono
Tri Maharani
Ian Wilson
Andi Yentriyani
Cucu Saidah

Image: Yulius Satria Wijaya / Antara